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All the promotion quests developed and explained with walkthrough can be found here. At the end of each topic a list of resources to help you in your quest:
If you want to bring your own contribution to this FAQ, I'm entirely open to all your propositions. If you have other questions that needs quick answers fell free to ask and contact me.

The Class Promotion Quests

Dragon - Great Wyrm


This is one of the worthless promotions. The Dragon class is already very powerful by itself (due to the double bug in the primary attack) and the promotion only brings some extra hit point and mana to an already fat beast.

Anyway, if you want to become even fatter and powerful you need to do as follow:

Given by: Deftclaw Redreaver in Garrote Gorge (Cave 1 in the Dragon Cave)
Description: Destroy the Dragon Hunters camp of Jeric Whistlebone and bring his sword back as proof of your doing.
Walkthrough: Well head outside (see map red 2) and slaughter all in sight. I don't know exactly how far you need to kill but since you need to kill all the Dragon Hunters for another quest don't yammer on the amount, mass killing is permitted ;).
Reward: Each member of the team get 25'000 XP and the promoted Dragons of the team an extra 10'000 XP.
Remakrs: You don't need the quest to slaughter the Dragon Hunters and take the sword. It can be done any time. If you do the alliance with the Dragons, Deftclaw Redreaver has moved to the council in Ravenshore, so he won't be anymore in the Caves or Garrote Gorge!

Once you have the sword bring it back to mister Red Scales (a.k.a. Deftclaw Redreaver) to become the Second Tank unit class of the game, with the bonus of Flying!

- The Region of Garrote Gorge
- The Dragon Cave of Garrote Gorge
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Dark Elf - Patriarche


This is one of the most easiest promotion quests to do in the game. If you play smart you don't have to fight to archive your goal.

Given by: Relburn Jeebes in Alvar (House 23 in the city)
Description: Inform Dantilloin in Murmurwoods (House 10 in the village) about the missing babe. Then find, free Cauri Blackthorne and report it back.
Walkthrough: In short this is the roadmap to do the quest:
  1. Ask Relburn Jeebes for the quest in Alvar.
  2. Walk or Beacon your team to Murmurwoods.
  3. Speak with Dantillion in the village.
  4. He will give you 4~5 scroll of Stone to Flesh. NEVER SELL OR USE THESE SCROLLS GIVEN TO YOU!
  5. Head to the northwest of the Stone Circle of Murmurwoods. There must be a pine tree (the only one). In the tree you have a statue of a warrior. (Coordinates: X:15500 Y:15500 on the map or the blue 1).
  6. Activate the person that has a scroll of Stone to Flesh in his inventory and click on the statue or press spacebar. Only scrolls can free Cauri, magic or potions will not work. Also you must NOT cast the spell on Cauri.
  7. Speak with Cauri.
  8. Go back to Alvar to get an extra bonus from Relburn Jeebes.
Reward: Each member of the team get 25'000 XP and the promoted Dark Elfs of the team an extra 10'000 XP. Relburn Jeebes gives 15'000gp as reward.
Remakrs: Now you have freed Cauri, speak with her and ask for the Promotion. You must do the promotion now because due to a bug if you forget you will not be able to promote later.

Cauri is the best Dark Elf NPC you can hire. She will go to the Adventure's Inn after you free here.

If you did the error of your life and used the scroll for your own business then you are cursed. But nothing is lost. You can find other scrolls by:
  • Find a magic shop that sells it.
  • Loot monsters, big is the better.
  • Find a scroll in a chest somewhere, seek more big dungeons or regions for better chance.
  • Reload a savegame prior to the use of the scrolls.
- The Region of Alvar
- The City of Alvar
- The Region of Murmurwoods
- The Village of Murmurwoods
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Knight - Champion


Wow! This is what we can call a promotion quest. Muti-part, fighting, exploring, etc... Well this is one of the best promotions in the game; you have something to do at least!

Given by: Leane Stormlance in Garrote Gorge (House 16 in the village)
Description: Find her father Blazen Stormlance and retrieve the Ebonest Spear.
Walkthrough: Once you ge the quest speak with Charles Quixote if you want more details.

Now head to Shadowspire and go to the Mad Necromancer's Lab. In the lab go to the upper floor to see Blazen Stormlance (on the map blue 4). He is ill and cannot leave the place in this state. He asks you to heal him.

To heal Blazen Stormlance you need the help of a powerful Priest in the name of Dervish Chevron. Dervish Chevron lives in Ravenshore near the Dancing Ogre Tavern in the slumps (City map house number 44). He will give you a stone that can heal Blazen Stormlance. Go back with the stone to Blazen Stormlance in the Mad Necromancer's Lab of Shadowspire.

Now the Spear Ebonest, you can find it in the Mad Necromancer's Lab. It's in a chest (blue 2 on the map). If it's in your possession go back see Charles Quixote first.
Reward: First see Charles Quixote. Each member of the team get 35'000 XP and the promoted Champion of the team an extra 15'000 XP.

Then go out and see Leane Stormlance. She will reward you with 5'000XP.
Remakrs: Ebonest Spear is one of the best spears in the game.

Blazen Stormlance has not to be in the team to get the promotion and rewards.

Once healed, Blazen Stormlance becomes a NPC that you can hire, he is a mighty level 50 Knight. He just suffers from a high age that is somewhat a penalty.

Leane Stormlance becomes a NPC after the promotion. She is a level 15 Knight. But she don't give you a kiss for your work :(.

Charles Quixote is in his Castle, the Dragon Hunter's Camp. If you do the alliance quest with the Dragon Hunters he will move to Ravenshore to the council.

- The Region of Garrote Gorge
- The Village of Garrote Gorge
- The Region of Shadowspire
- The Mad Necromancer's Lab
- The Region of Ravenshore
- The City of Ravenshore
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Minotaur - Minotaur Lord


This is not a really difficult quest but a long one. Also you need to do a lot before you can have it. Since the base of the Minotaurs is Balthazar Lair in Ravage Roaming you need to go there. As you know in the beginning the Lair is flowed. Once you have drained the Lair and got all the Minotaur back to their homes, you can start you think about the promotion.

Given by: Tessalar in Balthazar Lair in Ravage Roaming (house 16, near switch E)
Description: Find the Axe of Balthazar and identify it as authentic.
Walkthrough: The Axe can be found in a chest in the Dark Dwarf Compound of Alvar. Seek the first cave on your right when you enter the Dark Dwarf Compound. It's in the south of the Dark Dwarf Compound (see map blue 1).

Once you have the axe in your possession you must be sure it's the good axe. For that, head to Dagger Wound Island. There see Dadeross in the Clan Leader house (house 11 in the village of Blood Drop). It's the big house near the fountain and the two telepods in the village of Blood Lust. He will certify the axe without a question.

Once you have the certificate go back to Ravage Roaming and show the stuff to Tessalar. He will promote you to Lord Minotaur.
Reward: Each member of the team get 25'000 XP and the promoted Minotaur of the team an extra 10'000 XP.
Remakrs: You must drain the Lair before doing this quest. If you want to promote another Minotaur later on you must see Masul the Lord. He will be at the council chamber in Ravenshore.

- The Region of Alvar
- The Dark Dwarf Compound
- The Region of Ravage Roaming
- The Balthazar Lair
- The Region of Dagger Wound Island
- The Village of Blood Drop
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Necromancer - Lich


Do this quest to promote your Necromancer to the final state of deprecation. You will have the joy to see how good you are conserved after many years :).

Given by: Vetrinus Taleshire in Shadowspire (House 14 in the city of Twillight)
Description: Find a the book of Khel and Lich Jars to perform the ritual.
Walkthrough: The Book of Khel is located in the Uplifted Library in the southeast of Dagger Wound Island (yellow 3 on the map). The Library is on the same island as the gate to the Plane of Earth. Go on the last level and take the small elevator to the cellar room. In a chest (blue 1) you can find the book and a Relic or Artifact.

The Lich Jars can be found in the Mad Necromancer's Lab in Shadowspire (see yellow 4 on the map). Seek any chest in the lab. Most of them have one or two Jars for you. You need a jar for each team member to promote your team (even if they are not Liches).
Reward: Bring all the stuff back to Vetrinus Taleshire, he will transform you into a skeleton. Each member of the team get 25'000 XP and the promoted Liches of the team an extra 10'000 XP.
Remakrs: Vetrinus Taleshire is a very powerful Lich that can be hired. He is a level 50 Lich with all elemental as well as Dark magic at Grand Master level. He comes with you only if you have finished the quest of Sinking the Regna fleet.

Warning! Once you finished the quest the next promotions to Lich are handled over to Lathean. Lathean does also the promotion for the Nosferatus. He lives in Shadowspire, in the house 11 on the map.

- The Region of Shadowspire
- The City of Twillight
- The Region of Dagger Wound Island
- The Uplifted Library
- Sink the Pirate Fleet
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Priest - Cleric of the Sun


The Priest promotion quest is the first quest most people solve before knowing it. For a promotion it's too easy! But it's a promotion.

Given by: Stephen in Murmurwoods (House 9 in the village)
Description: Retrieve the Prophecy of the Sun, it's a book. Bring the book back to get your Sun Crown and be a Cleric of the Sun as a full time job.
Walkthrough: This book can be found in the maze part of the Abandoned Temple in Dagger Wound Island (blue 3 on the temple map).
Reward: Each member of the team get 25'000 XP and the promoted Clerics of the team an extra 10'000 XP.
Remakrs: You can get the book long before you actually receive the quest.

- The Region of Murmurwoods
- The Village of Murmurwoods
- The Abandoned Temple
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Troll - War Troll


The promotion of the Tank to a Super Tank is an easy job. You have to travel somewhat and see the world. So how to become a Super Tank or more commonly a War Troll is simple.

Given by: Volog Sandwin in Ironsand Desert (House 12 in the village of Rust)
Description: Find the Ancient Troll Home.
Walkthrough: It's a real peace of cake. Jadame not being a real big country it's hard to oversee the Ancient Troll Home. First head by any way to Murmurwoods. Once there go north of the Temple of the Sun until the poison well. From there head northwest until you arrive near a hill with an entrance (more easy spot the yellow 1 on the map).

The Ancient Troll Home is a dungeon/cave under a hill, see map. All you need is enter there and report your discovery to Hobb Sandwind. Hobb Sandwind lives in the same house as Volog Sandwind but he does the promotions.
Reward: Each member of the team get 25'000 XP and the promoted Trolls of the team an extra 10'000 XP.
Remakrs: Once your promotion made, Volog Sandwind become a NPC, he is a level 15 Troll with nothing special.


Several players including me, have troubles to trig the promotion. Juste entering the dungeon seems not always enough. But if you clean out the whole place you are sure to have it.

In the same house as Hobb Sandwind and Volog Sandwind you have a third resident: Schmecker. He buys Royal Wasp Jelly for 1'000gp the pot. I'm not certain, but this name could come from German and mean someone that loves sweets.

- The Region of Ironsand Desert
- The Village of Rust
- The Region of Murmurwoods
- The Ancient Troll Home
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Vampire - Nosferatus


This is a nice promotion quest. Many parts of the land to cross and many fights, if you are not invisible. This is what we can call a good promotion quest.

To become a nice Nosferatus you need to enter the land of the Death: Shadowspire.

Given by: Lathean in Shadowspire (House 11 in the City of Twillight)
Description: Find the Korbu's remains and his Sarcophagus, then bring them back.
Walkthrough: The remains can be found in Ironsand Desert's Cyclops Larder (the Larder is the yellow 2 on the map). Go into the basements in the deepest part of the Larder. There will be many peasant prisoners in one chest you find the remains (it's the blue 1 on the map).

The Sarcophagus is in The Crypte of Korbu in Ravage Roaming (the yellow 2 on the map). Go down in the big hall with all the Nagas. There must be a hidden passage down to the crypte. Down stairs you find the Sarcophagus (the blue 1 one the map).
Reward: Each member of the team get 25'000 XP and the promoted Vampires of the team an extra 10'000 XP.
Remakrs: Take care, the Sarcophagus is HUGE, it takes a big space in the inventory: 4 full lines.

If you don't have space in your inventory, take to Sarcophagus and hold it in front of you. You can walk back to Shadowspire like that. Other solution is to drop it on the ground and see the Seer in Ravenshore to get a new one. From Ravenshore the way to Shadowspire is easy.

- The Region of Shadowspire
- The City of Twillight
- The Region of Ironsand Desert
- The Cyclops Larder
- The Region of Ravage Roaming
- The Crypte of Korbu
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