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The Frequently Asked Questions

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This section details in deep the quests that are not related to promotions or to the alliance quests.
If you want to bring your own contribution to this FAQ, I'm entirely open to all your propositions. If you have other questions that needs quick answers fell free to ask and contact me.

The Quests

Dragonbane Flowers


This is a side quest of the game. Two different persons give it, one on both sides (Dragon Hunters and Dragons). The quest can be finished for both sides if done prior to the alliances.

Given by: Calindril (Dragon Hunters) in Garrote Gorge (House 5 in the village)
Balion Tearwing (Dragon) in Garrote Gorge's Dragon Cave (Cave 2 in the Dragon Cave)
Description: Find a Dragonbane flower and bring it back.
Walkthrough: In Garrote Gorge go in the riverbank and find at least 2 flowers. See on the map for the blue 1.
Reward: Once you have 2 flowers bring them back to each of the two quest givers. Each side will thanks you with 10'000 XP and 1'500gp.
Remakrs: Some persons also found this flower in the north part of Ravage Roaming but it seems to be random. Prefer to use the flowers from Garrote Gorge.

You can find the flowers before receiving the quests.

- The Region of Garrote Gorge
- The Village of Garrote Gorge
- The Dragon Cave
- The Region of Ravage Roaming
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The best shield in the game. Awesome good for priests since they are the only class that can use it. This is a quest item and you cannot sell it not buy it.

Given by: Lathius in Ravenshore (House 6 in the City)
Description: Find the shield Eclipse and bring it to Lathius.
Walkthrough: The shield is located in the Necromancer's Guild (yellow 1 on the map) in Shadowspire. Enter the guild and go to the left wing on the 2nd floor (see the blue 1 on the map). The shield is in the first chest when you enter the room.
Reward: The awesome Schield for a Cleric, 25'000XP and 2'000gp.
Remakrs: You can find and use this shield even if you didn't get the quest.

The room in which the shield is stored is locked. This room like any other will only be accessible when you are allied with the Necromancers or the Priest of Light. Don't try before because it will not work. Also, when you open the door of the room all guards from the guild becomes hostile, so prepare yourself to fight a little.

Warning! Due to a bug the shield is not always in the chest. To avoid bad luck save your game before you open the chest. If the chest does not contain Eclipse then reload until you get it. Most of the time after 2 or 3 times you will have the shield.

- The City of Ravenshore
- The Region of Shadowspire
- The Necromancer's Guild
- The Chests Bug
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Escaton's Riddles


The Riddles are the only moment in the game where the player is asked for input. In the previous two adventures only the Mandate of the Heaven (MM6) used it in two spots. Well this time the humanoid Ancient messenger is asking you 3 Riddles.

Given by: Escaton in his palace in the Plane between Planes (Room 1 in the Palace)
Description: Find the answer to the 3 Riddles.
Walkthrough: Seek for the the answers somewhere or guess them. All answers are in th game. Go and see Escaton and input the answers at the prompt.
Reward: You get a keyholder with the keys for the Elemental Lords Prisons.

It I possible to guess the first one with ease, but the two others are more tricky. Anyway if you want to solve them you have two options. Seek on the web for the answer or refuse to do such an easy thing and seek yourself.

The game developers do not put such questions in the game without adding clues or a solution. This time it's a clue (with a solution inside) that you can find. On a thorn page found in the library of the Merchant House of Alvar in Ravenshore (on the map house 39) you have 3 list of words with the solution. The page is located in one of the bookshelf (see the blue 1), so run around a search in each of them.

- The Plan between Plans
- The Escaton's Palace
- The City of Ravenshore
- The Merchant House of Alvar
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Idol of the Snake


The recovering of the Idol of the Snake is a side quest. You can do this in the early stage of the game without much effort.

Given by: Hiss in the village of Blood Drop in Dagger Wound Island (House 18 in the Village)
Description: Find the Relic the "Idol of the Snake" in the Abandoned Temple of Dagger Wound Island.
Walkthrough: Head to the Abandoned Temple in Dagger Wound Island (Entrance 1 and 2 on the map). Find your way trough the temple, the Idol is in a chest marked with the blue 2 (see links for the temple Walkthrough).
Reward: 7'500XP and 2'000gp.
Remarks: You can recover the Idol even if you didn't receive the quest.

- The Region of Dagger Wound Island
- The Village of Blood Drop
- The Abandoned Temple
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Leave Dagger Wound Island


This is not a real quest given y someone, but in order to finishes the game you must find a way to leave the place. To leave the archipelago you need reach the boat (red 10 on the map). The boat leaves every day for Ravenshore. You have different ways to reach the boat.

  1. Swim from the coast of the village of Blood Drop to the boat. This is a high-risk trip if you don't have drowning potion or item to prevent damage.
  2. Have a water walk spell, in scroll or in your book.
  3. Have a Fly spell, in scroll or in your book.
  4. Use the teleports that are on the islands (magenta A, B, C and D).

If you use the last solution you need to have activated to different teleports, the B teleport already works. To do so first speak to the clan leader, he will give you the first stone. Then you will be asked to search for Fredrick Talimere. He lives in the town as well and he has the second stone (house 15 in the village).

Now with the two stones head to the C teleporter and use it. A stone will be remove from your inventory. On the next island loot the chests at the cyan c. You will find the last stone. Using the teleporter will use an extra stone. After that you need to make your way through the Abandoned Temple (yellow 1 and 2). When you exist you will be near the boat. The last stone can be used to activate the last teleporter A to the village.

- The Region of Dagger Wound Island
- The Village of Blood Drop
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Obelisks, Vault of Time & Co


In the history of MM6 to MM8 there where always these strange things in the middle of the land called: "Obelisk". This has nothing to do with the well-known French Comic or with the Roman Nation. It's just here to give the player an extra goal in the game.

No one gives the obelisk quest. You are free to do it and will influence in no way the main plot or the game in general. Except that the reward of the quest is interesting for some players.


If you try to find each obelisk you will finally get the message complete. There are 9 Obelisks for the 9 regions of the mortal plane.

TheunicornkinGarrote Gorge, 3 on the map.
gholdsoldRegna, 11 on the map.
thornskeyIronsand Desert, 1 on the map.
amonghissRavage Roaming, 1 on the map.
ubjectsapAlvar, 6 on the map.
pearswhilMurmurwoods, 1 on the map.
ethesunshRavenshore, 2 on the map.
inesonmidShadowspire, 1 on the map.
summerdayDagger Wound Island, 11 on the map.

To decipher the message just read each lines and adds some spaces between the words. The complete message is: "The unicorn king holds old thorns key among his subjects appears while the sun shines on mid summer day".


First of all, the obelisk quest gives you a tip concerning the Unicorn King. But not more. If you have the key from the king seek, for a book in the library of the Merchant guild of Alvar in Ravenshore (House 39 in the city) to know the relation between the Unicorn King and the Vault of time (cyan g in the city). This should give you all the clues and the relation ships between them.

So the 24th of June, take you friends with you and go make a nice picnic in the forest of Murmurwood. The best spot is near the poison well (map on the green I), just don't drink from it and take your own ale with you. It's an open space excellent to make a big fire. Round 8:00am gather some wood and make a huge fire. The Unicorn king will be attracted by this fire, so round 9:00am he will show his nose. You and your friends being in a hurry to go on picnic have forgot to take some meat. But no problem you see, on your radar a red spot is moving to you. Well slain the king to have some meat! Easy no ;)

After having eat a good steak you find a nice key in his body (don't eat the key :). Take it and get the stuff in the Vault of Time chest.

- The City of Ravenshore
- The Merchant House of Alvar
- The Region of Murmurwoods
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Sink the Pirate Fleet


This is the first quest given by the new-formed council. Now you need to stop the pirate attacks over the land of Jadame. The council orders you to sink the pirate fleet based in Regna (See map yellow A).

Given by: Elgar Fellmoon in Ravenshore (House 40 in the City)
Description: Go to Regna and sink the Pirate Fleet.
Walkthrough: Make your way trough Regna via the Pirate Outpost in Dagger Wound Island. In Regna the only known way to sink the fleet is to fire the huge cannon (see map red 10). There is only one bullet for this huge cannon and this bullet is hidden inside the Abandoned Pirate Keep (See map yellow 2).

To enter the Abandoned Pirate Keep you need to process via the Passage Under Regna (See map yellow 1 and 3) that is only accessible the first time via the Pirate Stronghold near the village of Harecksburg. The bullet is located in a chest in a room with balcony (the chest is on the balcony, see map blue 1).

To sink the fleet, you must have the bullet in your inventory and click on the cannon.
Reward: 100'000XP and 10'0000gp.
Remakrs: It is strongly recommanded having fly or feather fall active if you don't want to be blown by the shoot.

Warning! Once you arrive in Regna do not leave the islands before you completed the quest. If you leave before, Ravenshore will be attacked by hordes of pirates. You need to hunt down all the pirates in Ravenshore, if one remain unkilled all the houses will be closed. As second effect you will lose all the money you had saved at the bank.

Sinking the fleet will not stop the invasion of Dagger Wound Island. It will stop by itself if you continue killing the pirates.

- The Region of Regna
- The Abondoned Pirate Keep
- The Passage Under Regna
- The Pirate Stronghold
- The Region of Ravenshore
- The Region of Dagger Wound Island
- The Pirate Outpost
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Stanley's Treasure


Am easy side quest of the game. You can do it or not and it will not change the outcome of the game.

Given by: One Eye in Regna (House 6 on the outer island)
Description: Find Stanley's Treasure.
Walkthrough: The treasure is in Ravage Roaming in the south-center of the map (cyan c on the map). You have 6 trapped chests with a whole colony of gorgons round it. In the chest you basically find gold and gems. One artifact is present in on of the chests.
Reward: The content of the chests. 15'500XP.
Remakrs: Only the active character gets the XP reward! You can loot the treasure prior to receiving the quest.

Many people find these chests before receiving the quest. But don't be afraid you can loot them before having the quest without bad effects.

Be award that you can receive the reward of the quest at the same moment as you ask for it, there is only one click on the topic to receive the quest and get the reward if you already looted the chests. Also the reward of the quest is 15'500XP and is given ONLY to the guy that was asking for the quest / reward. So be sure that you talk to One Eye with your primary character.

- The Region of Regna
- The Region of Ravage Roaming
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Witness of the Lake


This is a key quest in the main plot. You must do this plot in order to finish in the game. Once you have finish this quest you are done with 1/3 of the game.

Given by: Bastian Loudrin in Alvar (House 19 on the City)
Description: Find the witness of the sea of Fire. Bring him to Bastian Loudrin to tell him the story.
Walkthrough: Go to Ironsand Desert in the village of Rust. There is one Troll that witnesses the events. You must bring him back to Bastian Loudrin. Overdune Snapfinger is the Troll you seek. He lives in the house near the lake (on the map house 13). He is of course not willing to come with you for free you must first do a quest for him.

Once you have done the extra quest, you must add him to your team and bring him to Alvar. You will finally have finished the quest once you have seen the nice cut scene with Overdune Snapfinger.
Reward: A cut scene, 10'000XP and 4'000gp. This will trig the second part of the game, the Alliances.
Remakrs: Overdune Snapfinger's house is empty until you have the quest from the Witness. You cannot do the quest before receiving it.

- The City of Alvar
- The Village of Rust
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