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The item section treats most aspects of the items and what can be done with it. If a topic is treated in much deeper details on other web sites a link will point to it.
If you want to bring your own contribution to this FAQ, I'm entirely open to all your propositions. If you have other questions that needs quick answers fell free to ask and contact me.


Artifacts, Relics and Special Items


Artifacts, Relics and Special Items are for most excellent objects to equip your team. These are simply the best items you can find in the game with some rare suffix for high-class magical items. Since they are super objects it's not as easy to find as a simple Club or a Mushroom. In the game you can find up to 43 different of these items (23 Artifacts, 15 Relics and 5 Special Items).
  • Artifacts: Powerful object with most of the time better statistics (damage or AC). An artifact gives always positive bonus. These objects are rare, but can be find in multiple copies.

  • Relics: gives better statistics then the artifacts but always with a negative bonus as well. These objects are extremly rare, if you are lucky with looting you can find multiple copies.

  • Special Item: Weak form of artifacts, often these are quests items. These are very good quality items with better statistics then there original class. They also have one magical bonus suffix. These objects are rare, but can be find in multiple copies.

In the item level classification, these items are all classified as L6. The L6 item group is impossible to find in a shop. No one will ever sell one to you. But don't cry about your case, it's not impossible to get such an item! In fact there are four ways.

Ways to find them

  1. Reward or Item for a quest

    Some good object can be given as reward for a quest. Basically it's most of the time the goal of the quest: Find an item to finish a quest. In order you can have:
    • Judicious Measure: Treasure of the Dread Pirate Stanley in Ravage Roaming.
    • Sword of Whistlebone: Destroy the Dragon Hunter Encampment for the Wyrm Promotion.
    • Axe of Balthazar: Find Balthazar's Axe for the Minotaur Lord Promotion.
    • Eclipse: Recover the Shield Eclipse, found in the Necromancer's Guild.
    • Ebonest: Recover the Spear Ebonest for the Champion Promotion.
    • Glomenthal: Win the Arcomage Tournament.
    • Scepter of Kings: The Obelisk Puzzle Treasure, in the Vault of Time in Ravenshore.
    • Foulfang: The Obelisk Puzzle Treasure, in the Vault of Time in Ravenshore.
    • Elderaxe: The Obelisk Puzzle Treasure, in the Vault of Time in Ravenshore.

  2. Find it in a special chest

    In this case the item is located in a special chest in the game. You will be sure to find it there at each run. In order:
    • Mace of the Sun: In a chest in the Abondoned Pirate Keep in Regna.
    • Ring of Planes: found in a chest of the Dark Dwarf Compound in Alvar.
    • Noblebone Bow: in a chest of Yaardrake's Cave in Shaowspire.
    • Snake: is a chest of the Dragon Hunter's Camp in Garrote Gorge.
    • Terminus: in the Regnan Pirate Outpost in Dagger Wound Island.

  3. Randomly found in a chest or on the floor

    In some cases you can find them in a chest or on the floor of certain dungeons. You have a big chance to find one but you don't know what you will get. These are the places you can investigate:
    • In a chest in the Escaton's Crystal.
    • In a chest of the back of the Ogres Fortress in Alvar.
    • A rock chest in the Desert of Ironsand.
    • In the Chaine of Fire's only chest of Ironsand Desert.
    • The chest of Ilsingore's Cave in the Desert of Ironsand.
    • In a chest of the Dragon Hunter's Camp of Garrote Gorge.
    • In the Treasure room of the Dragon Cave of Garrote Gorge.
    • The tree chest of the bridge in Ravenshore.
    • The chest of Yaardrake's Cave in Shadowspire.
    • In the chest pill in the Barbarian Fortress (outside) in Ravage Roaming.
    • In the chest of the Dagger Wound Island's Uplifted Library.
    • In Escaton's palace all over the place.
    • In the War camp of the Plane of Fire at the second level.
    • In the Fire Plane's Castle of Fire in some spots and chests.
    • Several chest in the Castle of Air in the Plane of Air.
    To be sure to get a good item save before opening the chest or entering the dungeon. If you don't have what you seek reload until you get what you want. For more details see the chest filling section (link below).

  4. Looting a Monster

    This is the last option. But you must know that only a small group of monster can deliver an L6 item when looted. Each monster has a certain chance to give you one when looted, 100% does not mean you will get a Relic or an Artifact but you will be sure to get a L6 object (reminder: that some super magic suffixes are L6). In other words these are the monsters you must loot:
    • Greater Air Elemental with 10%.
    • Chaos Overlord with 30%.
    • Crystal Dragons (Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby) with 100%.
    • Crystal Guardian with 30%.
    • Dragons (Dragon, Dragon Flightleader and Great Wyrm) with 100%.
    • Greater Earth Elemental with 15%, only gems.
    • Greater Fire Elemental with 15%.
    • Demolisher with 40%, only gems.
    • Plane Overlord with 40%.
    • Greater Water Elemental with 10%.
    • Dragon Hunter Pet with 100%.
    • Yaardrake with 100%.
    • Ilsingore with 100%.
    • Old Loeb with 100%.
    • Dragon Guard with 100%.

    Now to find monsters that will give you the grail of your quest, you must seek them into the good place. These are all the regions and dungeons you must clean out:
    • The Uplifted Library in Dagger wound Island.
    • Garrote Gorge and the Dragon Cave of Garrote Gorge.
    • Druide Circle in Murmurwoods.
    • Escaton's Crystal in Ravenshore.

    The planes:
    • The plane of Earth.
    • The plane of Fire and the castle of Fire.
    • The plane of Air and the castle of Air.
    • The plane of Water.
    • The Plane between Planes and all it's dungeons.

    The Lairs:
    • Ilsingore's Cave in Ironsand Desert.
    • Yaardrake's Cave in Shadowspire.
    • Old Loeb's Cave in Regna.

Items List

Finally nothing is complete without giving you the full list of items the are so good. You will find for each of them: the name, price in gold, object type, defense or attack bonus and the object suffixes.

The AC is given by a base AC + a bonus AC. If the object is broken only the base AC is used.


All artifacts need to have at least 20 points in identification skill in order to identify them. To repair them you need 20 points in the repair item skill.

1 handSword
3D3 + 14
Accuracy +40, 10-20 points of Light damage.
1 handSword
3D3 + 14
Might +40, 10-20 points of Dark damage.
1 handSword
3D4 + 14
Armsmaster skill +7, Air Resistance +30.
Judicious Measure
1 handSword
3D4 + 13
Endurance +40, Luck +40, Ogre Slaying.
1 handAxe
4D2 + 12
Might +20, Swift, 6-12 points of Cold damage, Minotaur.
2 handsAxe
3D7 + 15
10-20 points of Fire damage, Fire Resistance +40.
Wyrm Spitter
1 or 2 handsSpear
1D9 + 14
Endurance +20, Dragon Slaying, Swift.
2 handsSpear
3D6 + 15
+10 to all attributes, 10-20 points of Body damage.
1 handDagger
2D3 + 10
Vampiric, 10 points of Poison damage, Vampire.
Scepter of Kings
1 handMace
2D4 + 14
Personality + 40, Regenerate Hit Points.
1 handClub
3D3 + 12
Might +20, Endurance +20, 10-20 points of Body damage.
Staff of the Swamp
2 handsStaff
3D4 + 10
of Shielding; Immune to disease, paralysis, and poison.
5D2 + 10
Accuracy +50, Swift, Bow skill +4.
Serendine's Preservation
4 + 30
Regenerates Spell Points, Endurance +30.
8 + 40
+10 to all attributes, +10 to all resistances, Dark Elf.
Supreme Plate
20 + 50
Swift, +15 Speed, +15 Accuracy, Knight.
Eclipse 1
6 + 15
of Spirit, of Body, of Mind, Cleric.
Drogg's Helm
2 + 10
Personality +15, Intellect +15, Regenerates Hit Points.
Crown of Final Dominion
Intellect +50, of Dark Magic, Lich.
Archangel Wings
2 + 8
Feather Falling 2, Intellect +30, All magic resistances + 10.
3 + 0
+8 to Disarm Trap, Bow, and Armsmaster skills.
Herald's Boots
2 + 8
Speed + 30, Swift, Immunity to Sleep.
Ring of Planes
+40 to Fire, Earth, Water and Air resistances.

1 The Seer in Ravenshore can multiply this object to an infinite number if you didn't finish the related quest yet.
2 A bug in the implementation makes that the "Feather Falling" bonus does not work properly, you still gets hurt when falling.


All relics need to have at least 30 points in identification skill in order to identify them. To repair them you need 30 points in the repair item skill.

2 handsSword
3D4 + 12
Slows target, Water Resistance -50, Personality -15.
1 handSword
3D3 + 15
Speed +70, Accuracy +70, Armor Class -20.
2 handsSword
4D5 + 15
10-20 points of Fire damage, Slow, Speed -20.
Hell's Cleaver
1 handAxe
4D2 + 12
Might + 70, Accuracy +70, Personality -50, Intellect -50.
1 or 2 handsSpear
1D9 + 13
Vampiric, Might +50, Luck -40.
Trident of Rulership
1 or 2 handsSpear
2D6 + 13
Water Breathing, +70 Water Resistance, -70 Fire Resistance.
Blade of Mercy
1 handDagger
2D2 + 15
Might +40, 4-10 points Electrical damage, Accuracy -40, Necromancer.
Staff of Elements
2 handsStaff
2D4 + 4
of Air Magic, of Fire Magic, of Water Magic, of Earth Magic, -40 Armor Class.
Tournament Bow
5D3 + 10
Accuracy +100, Bow skill + 5, Armor Class -20.
Lightning Crossbow
4D3 + 12
Swift, Accuracy -50, Dark Elf.
Last Stage Cuirass
4 + 15
Personality +80, Intellect +70, -30 Mind and Spirit resistances.
Herondale's Lost Shield
6 + 8
Immune to Fear, Stone, Paralysis, and Sleep; Personality -15, Luck -15.
Lucky Hat
Luck + 90, Personality -50.
Ring of Fusion
of Water, Alchemy skill + 5, Intellect +40, Endurance -20.
Berserker Belt
Might +100, Immune to Fear, Accuracy -30, Armor Class -15.

Special Items

All Special Items need no erquirement in identification or repait item except for Noblebone Bow who needs 30 in the skills. These items can not be generated randomly in chests or locations. There locations are fixed (see above).

Mace of the Sun
1 handMace
3D4 + 7
Elemental Slaying.
Ebonest 3
1 or 2 handsSpear
2D9 + 13
Dragon Slaying
Sword of Whistlebone 3
1 or 2 handsSword
4D5 + 12
Dragon Slaying.
Axe of Balthazar 3
1 or 2 handsAxe
3D7 + 15
of Ice.
Noblebone Bow
5D4 + 12
of Carnage

3 The Seer in Ravenshore can multiply this object to an infinite number if you didn't finish the related quest yet.

- TELP's Collecting Artifacts
- Legion of M&M Artifact
- The Chests Bug
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Chest Filling


Small description on how a chest is possibly filled in the game. I do not pretend this is how the developers of the game implemented it but it's a first approach.

Each dungeon or region of the game has a default treasure level that influence what you can find on the ground as well as in the chests. A chest can overwrite this default parameter.

Each object has a level from "1" to "6" and a class. A level "6" object is commonly an Artifact or a Relic, but a very good magical item as well. Gold is a small exception since it can be found in any chest in small to large quantity per stack. The amount of gold per stack is according to the treasure level it must be.

When a chest is opened the first time the system generates its content. The content is according to rules defined by the developers. It's relatively certain that these rules are hard codes into the engine since this engine doesn't use scripts. The exception is that each chest can be customized by adding special items or items from a specific treasure group or class (hard codes as well).


A possible implementation for a general rule:
  • Stack of gold with a given dice rule according for the level it is supposed to be (e.g. 10d30) for x%.
  • An item with (100 - x)%. The item can be of any class. The item level is randomly choosen in a treasure class range, for example a level 8 treasure chest will have L4 to L6 items.

A specific rule is:
  • Add one specific item (e.g. shield Eclipse).
  • Add an item from treasure level Lx and /or from class "Artifact" or "Spear"...

It's possible that the system first applies the default rules for the chest and then apply specific rules. This can result in some bugs in the content. See the bug section for more details.

- The Chests Bug
- TELP's dungeon definitions
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Druid Circlet of Power


This is one of the interesting objects of the game.
  • Use: None
  • Price: 0gp, it's even cheaper then the cheapest junk you can find in your trip.
  • Location: In the Druide Circle in Murmurwoods in a chest in the south room.
  • Why: Was probably for the promotion quest of the Druid Class. The class was probably removed in the final release.
  • Utility: Generate plenty of questions on message boards :), fill space in your inventory.
This object cannot even be placed on one of your characters. So the best thing you can do with it is throw it on the ground right where you are. If you really want it look on the map, it's the magenta c in the bottom of the map.

- The Druide Circle
- The Region of Murmurwoods
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Flute, NWC & Lord Brinne


Lord Brinne was an RPG person. He was very present on the old MM boards. He kicked the bucket two years ago. In honor to his help and disposability he gets a memorial in Might and Magic VIII. An announce of Guthwulf was made about this on the Old World board of the Community short after the event.

The Tomb

So the Tomb of Lord Brinne is located in Ravenshore. It is north of the region near the Seer house. Inside you will find many Drow peasants with each a name. The name are the one from several old board members fan (Most are GWF members) of the Might and Magic RPG saga. It is not note that they are all immune to physical and magical attack, but if you really want to kill them us a Dragon. Their base attack is able to pierce the defenses. But it's not worth the effort since you only get some gold pieces, some experience points and no more.

In the tomb sarcophagus you can find a flute. A small flute with a nice sound. It is know that music can soften even the strongest warrior :). This flute is in fact a key, a key to open the secret dungeon of NWC.

NWC Dungeon

The dungeon is located in the plane between planes in the giant sword. Highlight your character with the flute en click or press on the sword. You will be teleported inside.

Like in the previous versions you can find all the staff of NWC walking around. It's possible they made this dungeon during Halloween because every one is dressed in Pirate. There is nothing particular to pick up here and nothing special to do; it's just a credit dungeon. So if you don't like Zoop, Christian or Walter just slain them like you did with all other monsters in the game.

- Tomb of Lord Brinne
- The Region of Ravenshore
- New World Computing Dungeon
- The Region of Plane between Planes
- The Guilde of the Wooden Flute
- The Wooden Flute by Ribannah
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Since Might and Magic VI you can find gems all around during your adventure. This is a benediction because gems are an excellent cash service. They take few place in your inventory and most of them generate a lot of gold when you sell them.

So in Might and Magic VI and Might and Magic VII gems very a substantial cash provider. Now in Might and Magic VIII we see them back, of course they provide always an excellent cash but, but...

Due to an extensive work of Strider we have found a new property of this little small colorful items. When you go to Murmurwoods you can find a tree that loves gems. When you feed it with one, it gives you something in return. The Transmuter tree is located on the cyan e on the center of the map.

The Table

Now lets have a look to the transmuting table:

Citrine gem.
Random basic object (weapon, armor, scroll, etc.)
Amethyst gem.
A white potion.
Emerald gem.
Random object (weapon, armor, scroll, etc.)
An apple.
A Rejuvenation potion.
A horseshoe.

The interesting point is the last entry, the diamond transmutation. Yes it gives a horseshoe that increases your development point by 2. Now you will need to seek all diamonds around Jadame and head to Murmurwoods to transmute them. A horseshoe is in my opinion much more expensive then 3'000gp and gold isn't a big deal in this game.


Don't waste your Emeralds on the tree. 1'750gp for an apple is astronomical expensive, for this price you can buy for weeks food in any Tavern.

If you don't have Grand Master in Marchand skill you'll better dump your Sapphires on the tree to get the maximum amount of money for them.

- The Region of Murmurwoods
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Since Might and Magic VII you can find different ores on the ground and in chests during your journey. The ore itself has no value; you can do nothing with it yourself. The goal of ore is, when manufactured, produce new items. Only craftsmen can transform ore into usable items, no skill of yours can do it. It can be transformed into 3 type of items: weapons, armors and misc objects.


So when you encounter some gather then preciously. Once you have a nice collection head to a craftsman of a given item type and transmute your ore. There are only a few in Jadame that can do this for you. Here the list:

Item TypePersonLocation
WeaponsTurgon BombahAlvar, city, house 39.
Claderin BrightspearShadowspire, city, house 9.
ArmorsKarn BowesAlvar, city, house 2.
Cardric CaverhillShadowspire, city, house 31.
Misc objectsKerin BremenAlvar, city, house 1.
Brother CraneShadowspire, city, house 34.


You can find different type of ore. The following table shows the different ore you can find. Each one has an increasing quality; the first row is the best quality and it is decreasing at each row.


The quality of the ore you can find is correlated to the dungeon level or region level you face. How harder how better chance you have to catch good ore. The best ore can only be found in the Vault of Time or on Boulders corps.

- The City of Alvar
- The City of Twilight in Shadowspire
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Mixing potions has been there since Might and Magic VI. Mixing potions is correlated with the Alchemy skill. In the beginning it was very easy to mix anything together if you knew what to mix. Even developing the Alchemy skill was not necessary.

Since Might and Magic VII and for Might and Magic VIII mixing potions has taken a new dimension and is now strongly correlated to Alchemy skill. Now you really need this skill to mix.

Make a Potion

To make a potion you need ingredients called Regent. You can find 4 type of them: Red, Yellow, Blue and Gray. Each color class has it specificity, in each class you can find up to 5 different regents from different power. The power of a potion (or regent) can influence its quality. It's to note that the gray regents make gray potions that are only here to increase the power of another potion.

Potion Levels

You have 5 level of potions all linked to your mastery in the Alchemy skill:
- Raw potions can be mixed without the skill.
- Base potions can be mixed with the base skill or better.
- Layered potions can be mixed when you are Expert in the skill or better.
- White potions can be mixed when you Master the skill or better.
- Black potions can be mixed when you are Grand Master the skill.

The level of the alchemy skill is added to the power of the potion when you make a raw potion.

If you try to mix a potion that is not from your level it will explode like a bomb in you hand. Only the mixing character will take damage.

- Potions in Might and Magic VIII
- Alchemy Without Tears
- TELP's Potions
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Strange Items


If you look into the resource files of the game you will find some strange items. These items are ordinarily not found in the game but it has been reported possible.

The Arcane Key, Big Brass Ring and the Pirate Hat are not present. The Pirate Hat is the only special item been reported as found by some players. The Druid Circlet of Power is the other exception because it can always be found in the Druid Circle of Murmurwoods.

Since all this items are referenced as quest item we can suspect that the game designers had some extra in their head. But in the final release these quests where probably removed, wonder why...

Thanks to Sil who modified a save game to show them to us.

- MM8 Lost Items
- Druid Circlet of Power
- Arcane Key
- Big Brass Ring
- Pirate Hat



One feature of the game offers the possibility to trade goods. The only benefit here is Gold and negative point is that it fills your inventory. So this is a way to get easy money if your are short in funds. All over the land of Jadame you will find persons that a willing to buy or sell goods.


In the price column you find first the price you need to pay to get the item and the second what you receive for selling it.

Tobersk FruitsLong-Tail in Dagger Wound Island (house 6 in the village)Treblid in Ravenshore (house 59 in the city)
200gp / 255gp
Tobersk PulpTreblid in Ravenshore (house 59 in the city)Gibere in Alvar (house 3 in the region)
300gp / 386gp
Tobersk BrandyGibere in Alvar (house 3 in the region)Long-Tail in Dagger Wound Island (house 6 in the village)
500gp / 557gp
Heartwood of JadameMylander in Murmurwoods (house 3 in the village)Whisper in Shadowspire (house 24 in the city)
1'000gp / 1'794gp
Pirate AmuletsWhisper in Shadowspire (house 24 in the city)Pavel in Regna (house 2 in the region)
1'500gp / 2'037gp
Dried SunfishPavel in Regna (house 2 in the region)Mylander in Murmurwoods (house 3 in the village)
2'000gp / 2'244gp
Silver Dust of the SeaJourney in Shadowspire (house 25 in the city)Neblick in Ravenshore (house 9 in the city)
5'000gp / 6'294gp
Credit VouchersNeblick in Ravenshore (house 9 in the city)Gagnor in Ravage Roaming (house 8 in the village)
6'500gp / 7'300gp
Ground Wyvern HornGagnor in Ravage Roaming (house 8 in the village)Journey in Shadowspire (house 25 in the city)
7'000gp / 8'285gp

Naga Petls-.-Reaver in Ravenshore (house 13 in the city)
Wolf Petls-.-Maddigan the Tracker in Ravenshore (house 45 in the city)
Wasp Tail-.-Veldon in Alvar (house 43 in the city)
Ogre Ear-.-Keldon in Alvar (house 40 in the city)
Royal Wasp Jelly-.-Schmecker in Ironsand Desert (house 12 in the village)
Horn of Wyvern-.-Xevius in Ravage Roaming (house 2 in the village)

My personal opinion about trading is that it's not really worth the time and money. I find it only useful in the very beginning to get some cash since you are short. But later on looting a good dungeon will give you much more.

Note: Merchant skill seems not to affect the price of the goods. The Dark Elf special skill Glamour probably not too (not tested out).

- The Region of Alvar
- The City of Alvar
- The Village of Blood Drop in Dagger Wound Island
- The Village of Rust in Ironsand Desert
- The Village of Murmurwoods
- The Village of Ravage Roaming
- The City of Ravenshore
- The Region of Regna
- The City Twilight in Shadowspire
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